Tuesday, November 20, 2012

What's with the Dawg Tags?

Here at the Bulldog Bakery, our main focus is to have happy and satisfied customers.  We would like to offer those of you who order a special deal.  Take a look at the picture below for details.

How do I earn Dawg Tags?
  • Submit an order to the Bulldog Bakery
    • For each order you will receive one Dawg Tag (1 per order, not 1 per item ordered)
Why should I collect my Dawg Tags?
  • If you order two times from the Bulldog Bakery, you will have earned two Dawg Tags.  When you order for the third time, all you have to do is attach the two Dawg Tags to your order form and you will receive (FREE of cost) your choice of:
    • 1/2 dozen mini cheesecakes (plain, cherry, blueberry)
    • small bag of chocolate/vanilla covered pretzels

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